Lego is one of my absoulute favouritest things in the whole entire world, so when I decided it was time to make some Christmassy snowglobes what better to use as the figure than a Harry Potter Lego figure. I have most of the figures thanks to years of HP Lego sets but for my first one I decided to use angry Harry. It photographed awfully because of the water but trust me, it looks brilliant in real life! 

These are all the supplies you will need and if you choose you can use a dymo or label maker to make the MERRY CHRISTMAS label on the glass jar. 

Start by lining the feet of your figure with superglue and then gently stick it down inside the glass jar. Once your 100% sure it's dried fill the jar up to the top with water. 

Starting with only a small amount, keep adding glitter and testing by shaking until your snowglobe looks the way you want it to. I had a lot of fun by shouting LUMOS, then shaking and seeing all the gold glitter float around Harry. I just re-read that and it sounds super geeky but I don't care.

Good luck with you Christmas shopping this weekend and I hope your enjoying the Teen Granny advent calendar! It's more blogging than I've ever done so I'm very excited! I also have a very exciting new sponsor Nom Cakes who I will be doing a special blog on later today.

Happy December,
Love Scarlett. 


  1. Oh wow, Lego and Harry Potter and Christmas and Snowglobes all in one? I love lego... actually, I buy it for my little brother who doesn't really like it, and then pretend to be really nice by playing with him.
    That looks like a really cute idea for Christmas presents, I think I'll start it, if I ever finish the stuff I am making at the moment.

  2. Oh my goodness i don't know where to start. I love Harry Potter, love Christmas and love snow globes, perfect combination! Plus love the whole idea of saying Lumos, good on ya!

  3. if you add glycerin to the water it gives it that slow floaty effect.

    This is such a good idea, i don't have any harry potter legos (i really want a ron) but i do have lots of playmobil.


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