20 DAYS TO GO - Click on This Gift List

This is an extremely special GIFT Click on This List. I'm trying to make all my presents this year, but there are some people who appreciate a nice homemade gift a lot less than others (I'm looking at you younger brothers) so it's always nice to have a few back up internet shopping places to go to.

But first of all Number 1 on my List is my brand new sponsor NOM CAKES! 

Tash, who runs Nom Cakes, is a brilliant baker and very much in Teen Granny style she is only 15! I'm still in shock from this picture of her rainbow cake and have to admit it slightly puts mine to shame. Not only is her blog full of her cakey creations, it's also full of her amazing writing is extremely entertaining! Except be warned! Reading Nom Cakes is guaranteed to make you very peckish. 

So, back to the list, these are my top gifts I have found during my hours and hours of internet browsing/pretending to do my homework.

1. The Sardine Duvet Cover. 

2. The Hunger Games Trilogy Box Set (because if you haven't read them you should be very ashamed of yourself)

3. 50 Words for Snow by Kate Bush and A Very She & Him Christmas  (my 2 new favourite albums)

4. The Dodo Book for Christmas (notebooks + christmas = Teen Granny heaven)

5. Christmas Pudding Egg Cosy Knitting Kit (for the beginner knitter this is just too cute!)

6. Christmas Dog Fancy Dress Costume (this is what Posy is asking for)

7. An Audible Account (this may sound lame but it is the best present ever!)

Paper Aeroplane Necklace  

Well those are all my suggestions so far, right now our parents are in New York so me and my brothers have been playing orphan for the past few days. Right now I'm making christmas presents with my brother while watching Nativity. It's such a brilliant film! 

Happy December!
Love Scarlett. 


  1. Etsy is a cool site, did you see the owl necklace on there, made me think of Hedwig and of recent chats on twitter :-)

  2. 50 words for snow and various She & Him albums are soundtracking my life at the moment. As is Anna Calvi's album, have you listened? I recommend 'A Christmas gift for you' to get your Christmas craft on to, delicious old Christmas sounds...cosy!


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