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This summer we have been staying in the country and I have been doing a LOT of baking. I always feel like it more in the country and after having made the biscuits from the same recipe book about a million times I have been looking around the internet for some more fun, experimental recipes. I hope you like what I have found:

Breakfast - Pancake Mix in a Ketchup Bottle - Idea from 'Pinterest'.

I have to admit I cheated a bit with this one and used pancake mix from a packet but putting it in the Ketchup bottle was genius! You just squirt mixture into a hot pan and it makes the most perfect shaped pancakes. Just make sure no one puts it on their hot dogs. 

Camping - Smores Biscuits - Recipe from 'The Girl Who Ate Everything'.

Last weekend it was my family's annual camping trip and I wanted to make something for everyone to nibble around the camp fire. I found the recipe for these smores biscuits online and although I was unable to find any graham crackers I used Tuc biscuits instead which worked extremely well. Unfortunatly they didn't make it to the camp fire as they were all gobbled up by the time it got dark. It's a really fun, easy recipe and I would definitely reccomend. 

Tea Party - Cheesecake Strawberrys - Recipe from 'Sugar Derby'.

Cheesecake Strawberrys are my incredible discovery of the summer. I have already made them about 4 times and they dissapear in seconds. They look very complicated but are unbelievably easy to make and so so much fun. Also if you use light cream cheese they are very low fat and healthy (sort of). 

Sleepover - Oreo Biscuits - Recipe from 'Picky Palate'

When I found this recipe online I literally could not believe my eyes… an oreo… in a chocolate chip biscuit! HEAVEN! And I can officially confirm they are heaven. The recipe is incredible, so easy and with the most helpful pictures. They come out looking like huge chocolate chip biscuits and when I broke them in half no one could believe it. It is an American recipe so some of the measurements are a little confusing but I just used single stuff Oreos instead of double and after a lot of pondering worked out that 1 Stick of Butter is the same as 113 grams. 

Cricket Match - White Chocolate and Rasberry Cupcakes - Recipe from 'Eat Me' by Xanthe Milton.

This recipe is one of the coolest cupcake recipes I have ever found and was surprisingly easy. You have to make the raspberry cupcakes first and then hollow them out and fill with melted white chocolate. They are completely yummy and incredibly moist. 

Kids Party - Smarties Cake and Cupcakes.

I made this cake the other day for my little brothers. The cake hidden underneath the Smarties was very sneakily carrot cake which made my mum very happy and the boys didn’t even notice. It was only after they had had thirds that I confessed what was inside and they all agreed you couldn’t tell. Just use your favourite carrot cake recipe and cover in a LOT of cream cheese icing and smarties. 

Dad's Birthday - Millionaires Shortbread - Recipe from 'Nestle Carnation'.

These shortbreads are one of my Dad’s favourite foods ever and if I may say so myself they are DELICIOUS. They are probably the easiest to make as no baking is required and the condensed milk works incredibly for the scrummy caramel middle. 

Anytime Anywhere - Bannana Bread - Recipe from 'BBC Recipes'.

Bannana bread is a favourite among everyone (except me, I hate bananas) and this BBC recipe is the best I have found. It disappeared in about two seconds and everyone loved it. Especially if you serve it warm. 

Comment or tweet me if you decide to make any of these as I would love to see if they worked out for you.

Love Scarlett


  1. Wow that's a lot of baking! I've just moved into a new house for Uni and I've been getting used to the kitchen with a bit of baking myself! I'll have to try those recipes out, especially the pancake in the ketchup bottle... genius!

  2. The ketchup bottle pancakes and cheesecake strawbs are genius. Thanks so much for the links. Sheesh you've been busy!

  3. Being a bit of an idiot but ... "graham crackers"... Translate to what in the UK? I can't tell from your picture :p


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