X-Rated Blog Post!


Ok fine so its not that rude but it was rude enough to shock my granny a lot! This is my 'Bra Cake, I made it this weekend for my brothers 14 year old birthday and lets just say he went bright red and laughed a lot. I was trying to decide what cake to make him and the obvious decisions were rolling around in my head - guitar, train, heart, smiley face. They all seemed far to childish for a 14 year old boy. Then suddenly it hit me... A BRA!

I'd like to say it was super easy to make and only took half an hour but it was actually very hard. I started the night before and made two dome shaped cakes in a ceramic bowl, the left boob is a very yummy choclate with cherry icing and the right boob is lemon with lemon curd icing. I then froze them overnight so they would be easier to ice. I used skin coloured fondant icing (who knew) and a red tube of icing to make what I hope looks like a black lacy bra.

All in all i was pretty proud of the x rated cake and I think my brother really liked it, although being a fourteen year old boy he just laughed and then scoffed the lemon boob in record time.

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and I will be doing a Twit Knit update tomorrow.

Love Scarlett.


  1. I laughed so much at this!

    What a great idea, 14 year old boys love nothing better than boobs! lol

    Sarah xx

  2. Hi Scarlie you are amazing! this is fantastic. I have been reading all your archived blogs and i am in awe! you are super talented and keep it up . It is a pleasure to read. Brilliant cake - truly a work of art! see you soon love sewing jo xxx

  3. May i just say, thank god I've stumbled upon you! When i was 15 (I'm now 21) and enjoyed knitting sowing and baking, I used to hide it from my friends because I knew they'd take the mick. Well done you for being comfortable in your own skin!! Now all those friends that took the mick want baking and sowing lessons from me! Love the cake, will def be getting involved with this twitknit thing! :) Beth xx


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