Twit Knit Club

I got such a great response about the Twit Knit Club and it has made me so excited I think we should start straight away!

The only rules are that you must be on twitter and you must tweet at least a little bit about how much progress (or non-progress) you are making with the chosen pattern. Pictures and storys about how the knitting is going will be great too.

I think we should start off with a patchwork blanket. All you have to do is knit lots (or as many as you can) of little squares in all different colours and then at the end you can sew them together to make a beautiful blanket. I think I will use mine for my new puppy!

The pattern for the squares could not be more simple and you can use whatever size needles and wool you want. I am using 4mm needles and lots of different types of wool but if you want yours to be bigger or smaller simply use your favourite needle size.

The Pattern:
- Cast On 20 stitches.
- Knit garter stitch until square.
- Cast off.

I am going to try and knit a square number of squares (4,9,16,etc) because then I can have a square blanket but everyones can be different shapes and sizes so feel free to knit as many or as few squares as you want.

I am going to start my first square tonight and if your interested in knitting please start tweeting me and join in! It will be a really fun project and I'm even going to try and get my mum to join in too.

Good Luck!

Love Scarlett.


  1. My little knitter is going on a residential tomorrow but will start Thursday when she's back. Pictures to follow. Good luck everyone x

  2. what a great idea! i'm working on a baby hat at the moment, but will start squares soon! thanks for the suggestion & inspiration!

  3. I love the idea of the Twitknit club but I'd get terribly bored knitting squares. My mum's knitting them for a blanket at the moment. Does that count? Lol


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