Here Goes...

So, I have been wanting to start a blog for FOREVER but have always been way to scared to press publish. but finally, after having annoyed everyone who follows me on twitter by posting endless photos of the silly little things i knit and make i have decided to make a blog. The reason i called it the slightly strange name of teenage granny is because i love love love to knit, bake, read, I drink about a million cups of tea a day and all i want to do in life is watch 500 days of summer and Greys Anatomy - and I'm still only 15. Oh and i love Werthers Originals.

Anyway, i hope you like my blog, or at least like looking at some of my knitting creations. and please try to ignore my spelling!

Love Scarlett. 


  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!
    I also knit, bake cakes and make beads and it's fun to act like a granny even if you aren't actually a granny. ;-)

    I'm now following your blog and look forward to reading your posts.


  2. Well, I'm a man and I'm a Granny too (Granny Buttons), so how on earth can I NOT follow you? :-)


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